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Let’s make this THE Climate Election

Help us make this the #ClimateElection by encouraging our friends and family to #votefortheplanet on 18th May.

We have reports saying there is 12 and even 5 years until climate catastrophe - but there is still have time to turn this around!

It’s only 2 - 3 weeks until the Australian Federal Election - so the time to get involved is now…

We will be sending out all the information you need to know to preference and vote for the future via our mailing list - you can sign up here:


We each have unique and vast networks, so this is our chance to reach at least TEN people - whether that's posting to socials, calling your family members, or talking with coworkers about how to vote.

More details can be found here and you can also join the fuckgiving group on facebook here - and sign up to the #votefortheplanet event here.

Thanks for giving a fuck!