Featured Fuckgiver: Belinda


Meet: Belinda

Country: Australia

Why do you give a fuck? “I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school. I studied Marketing at University - I figured that no matter what I ended up doing, I'd need to be able to sell it. I was taught that another word for people is "consumers".  I learned that you keep them consuming with strategies like planned and perceived obsolescence. I was the only one to question the ethics and sustainability of these concepts. I had always known there were environmental problems in the world, but I always thought "they" would fix it. It was at this point in my life, I started to think about who "they" were - and did "they" need help? I undertook a self-appointed minor in sustainable consumption, focusing my assignments and research in this space. That lead me to a Masters in Sustainable Development and my whole adult life being dedicated to sustainability.”

What do you give a fuck about? “I give many fucks about our planet. She's my home-girl. Literally. I'm super passionate about the link between food, health and sustainability. This passion lead me to becoming a permaculture designer, running a small demonstration garden with community classes at Macquarie University. In our awesome future, I see myself living on a sustainable farm, growing an abundance of natural produce and promoting holistic health. I see cities embracing urban permaculture, with green roofs, green walls and community gardens. I feel a sense of community returning and an awakening to our own potential. I see organisations solving problems and creating wins for environment, economy and society simultaneously. The biggest obstacle we have to overcome is fear - our own self doubt, self-limiting beliefs and uncertainty. We can achieve anything we put our minds to. And it's going to be awesome! “


What was your fuckgiving act? “I make a game out of lightening my footprint and creating a positive impact. I make 90% of my meals from scratch using local, organic and packaging-free ingredients. I live in a toxic chemical-free tiny home with minimal possessions and am learning about natural building. I travel locally and support local growers, producers, sellers and artists. I look after my health, meditate, give out free hugs and love my life - very important and under-rated aspects to living sustainably! I wipe my ass with Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, bank with Bank Australia and source my energy from PowerShop - since we're only as sustainable as the brands we support.

This year, Jeronimo (my husband) and I thought we'd take it up a notch by doing a Buy Nothing New year. Our main motivation is sustainability, with our secondary motivation of saving money. Setting our priorities in order has helped us to make decisions. For example, we won't skimp on cost when it comes to food quality, purchasing only the most earth-friendly, ethically and locally sourced foods. We can save money by eating out less, but the point is that sustainability comes first. 

So our rules are: 
- Nothing new except essentials (food, eco-cleaning products, undies if despo etc)
- We can gift but the gifts have to be home-made (in recycled jars etc) or experiences
- Only eating out once per week
- We can spend our money on experiences (movies, concerts etc) to support the arts

We're saying "stuff having stuff" 😂 “

Where did this fuckgiving act occur? Sydney, Australia


FUCKGIVING would like to thank the epic Belinda and her legendary hubby Jerry - thanks for walking your talk and making us giggle with your random rad-ness !