Fuckgiving, more contagious than chlamydia

My childhood library was shared with my mother’s gynaecology text books, which I used to flick through, in fact, I couldn’t eat cauliflower for a long time, because I saw the repercussions of an STI in a very explicit photograph, at the age of 6.

I’m older and wiser now. In fact, this year I turned 30 – so, I’m officially a grownup ( well, kind of! ).

This was one of those milestone birthdays, where you’re supposed to throw a massive party, get lavish gifts and prance around in a fancy new dress, right?

I ummed and arred about what to do,...

Do we Spring Break or High Tea this son of a bitch?

Throw into the mix that I was going to be on the other side of the world helping to teach a disruptive design fellowship for global emerging leaders. I was sure they’d like to party too…But then it hit me. I’m teaching people to disrupt in Brazil so fuck it - I’m going to do something that actually aligns to my values and has the potential to disrupt the world. And even the traditional practice of birthdays as we know them! I’m going to not just have a sustainable birthday, but a regenerative birthday - A fuckgiving birthday.

The instructions were simple:

I asked my friends to do one thing on my birthday (or the week of) that says – “I’m a fuckgiver” and I want to make the world a better place.

Because obviously, that would mean more to me than rocking up to party, and partaking in a 6-hour drinking binge, then battling through a nasty mother of a hangover. Instead, I wanted my mates to take 5 minutes out of their day and make the world a better, happier, more ripping place!

I knew my buddies were smart, but I gave them some thought starter ideas anyway:

1.              Talk to a random granny on the bus

2.              Buy the person behind you a coffee

3.              Plant a tree

4.              Pick up a bit of rubbish/litter

5.              Donate to a crowdfunding campaign (Chuffed.org is an awesome one!)

6.              Basically, just give-a-fuck more than you normally would!

The results were epic, to say the least.

I had a global Birthday Beyoncé would be proud of. My day of birth was celebrated in 30 countries, with an estimated impact on 10,000 lives!

I Infiltrated a major pharmaceutical company, that my friend worked in. She organised a Fitted for Work clothing collection, an awesome charity that dresses disadvantaged women for job interviews. She pulled in over 100 items of clothing!

Another friend dedicated his 30th Birthday to Fuckgiving and also had an epic global party, not to mention, his fuckgiving gift to me was to quit his job, so he could use his mad skills for good!

Cyn (Cynco) launched The ‘Give A Fuck’ campaign creating this rad work of art out of the rubbish she collected off the beach in just 10 minutes! ( You might notice, Cyn is now the Co-Founder of Fuckgiving - she literally got addicted to giving a fuck, so I thought she better officially join the cause!)

In short, this simple request empowered my mates to also become disruptive agents of change - you can check out all the other epic fuckgiving gifts here 

But how did these fucks being given first come to fruition?

The idea was first sparked when two of my friends cleaned up a park in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for me the previous year. Being the sustainability ninja I am, I’m always brewing up ways to increase the consciousness of our consumption.

And this was perfect, it targets one of the days we consume the most of the planet's resources, and flips it on its head, ultimately giving back to the planet. Not to mention, you end up with gifts way more meaningful than a new pair of shoes, which were likely made in a sweatshop (to avoid this, check out the Good on You app)

And you know what? I’m not the only one doing this, this year, the prince of Bhutan had 108,000 trees planted for his birthday! Talk about a fuckgiving birthday:


Jason Silva, the advocate of the new definition of a billionaire, as ‘someone that positively impacts a billion people’. Is bang on!

But, you might be thinking, I’m just one person? How can I have that kind of impact?

Mirror neurons, my friend!

WTF are they you ask?

We often underestimate the contagious impact and we have on one other and therefore the world. But mirror neurons, are powerful motherfuckers. In short, neurons are the cells in the brain, and mirror neurons are basically cells that fire when you see someone else doing something. Think about how a baby learns to walk and talk, this is mirror neurons at play, as they observe and mimic their surroundings.

Which makes Gandhi’s “ Be the change you want to see in the world” pretty bloody powerful when you start connecting the dots, right?

I believe that collectively we have massive untapped human potential.

We just need to start asking ourselves 'why we do things?' and 'what is our purpose?' And shifting to a Benefit Mindset, in order to harness our collective and individual potential.

Our consumption-based economy based on continuous growth is bullshit. Anyone with common sense knows we live on a finite planet, and this current system just doesn’t make sense.

Lets get fuckgiving, shift to a service and experience-based economy and disrupt the out-dated broken system!

Fuckgivers Unite!

But seriously, wear a condom, Chlamydia was just a euphemism ;)


If you're keen to have a Fuckgiving Birthday you can download our DIY guide here.

Sara Rickards