Featured Fuckgivers: Rosa & Ando

Meet: Rosa & Ando

Country: Born in Australia, these global Gypsies are currently travelling the globe

Why they give a fuck: "Cause in this day and age everyone should and everyone needs too! We are trying our hardest to balance out those that give zero Fucks. It's the least we can do as humans on this planet, to give a Fuck!"

What they give a fuck about: "As surfers, we spend so much time in the water and in nature, and it's so sad to see the ocean, shoreline and surroundings drenched with rubbish of all forms (mainly plastic!). As travellers it's our pet hate to see these beautiful locations disrespected by those who give zero fucks, whether they are fellow travellers or locals to that country"

What was their fuckgiving act? "Picking up rubbish, that has been left behind, or carelessly been thrown aside."

Where did this fuckgiving act occur? "We have been traveling for a year now from North America through Central America and into South visiting many countries along the way, some countries are better then others, but the problem is still everywhere. Some of these spots we have visited have been in the middle of nowhere resembling paradise, but only to be spoilt by rubbish. Our main fuckgiving act has been to collect rubbish at all these amazing places that we are lucky enough to surf at, as a way to give back to these communities. However these acts don't end on the coast, when we travel inland to major tourist destinations and hike and explore we are still confronted by the same problems (rubbish). Recently when hiking through the jungle along the train line to one of the seven man made wonders of the world 'Machu Picchu' in Peru, we found that once again it was necessary for Fucks to be given. Even this scared place, was not safe from the carelessness of many. We spent our two and half hour hike collecting rubbish of those that had gone before us. We even witnessed individuals out right littering, and made sure they knew what they just did was wrong! (Something that seems so ridiculous to be telling a grown adult!). These principles have already been in place for a long time now, at home in Australia it's no different, whether at the beach or out enjoy nature or even in the city, picking up rubbish is something that we just do! It's not for self gratification but merely to Give a Fuck cause we all share one planet and need to look after it!"

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FUCKGIVING would like to thank Ando and Rosa for being global agents of change - leaving the world better than what they found it, one step & one country at a time - Keep up the awesome work legends!