Featured Fuckgiver: Anita Horan

If you have been in the supermarkets lately, you might have seen the #plasticfreeproduce cards one of our fellow fuckgivers Anita Horan created in Sydney.. Because they have been spotted across the globe!

We  just had an awesome chat about the power of the people & stopping plastic packaging and I have to say, with the growing ninja army around this cause, I literally have goosebumps! 

Name: Anita Horan

Country: Australia

Why do you give a fuck? Is there actually any other another option? I can't comprehend that I would be classed as an 'environmentalist' as shouldn't everyone care about the environment?

What do you give a fuck about? Everything! But I have found an area that has not been given much attention and it's actually an enormous issue. So I have focused all my energy on learning about plastic pollution and plastic packaging on food. I believe this is one of the biggest causes of plastic pollution, but because not a lot of it ends up in the ocean, it's pretty much ignored, but I think this issue is going to be catastrophic, but we may discover that when it's too late. I am focusing not just on the problem, but the behaviours that cause the problem. From legislation, to corporations to the consumer. The psychology of why we wrap, sell and buy food in plastic is what I am fascinated by and have been trying to unlock, I believe I found the key (or keys). This mass environmental crime - of wrapping biodegradable food in non-biodegradable packaging, is my bête noire .

What was your fuckgiving act? I have spent the past 2 years, 20 hours per week, volunteering to research and spread the message about this issue. My efforts are now formalised and the #PlasticFreeProduce campaign.

Where did this fuckgiving act occur? Sydney and now globally


Fuckgiving would like to thank Anita for being such a legend - this is the type of "Hackaging" we dreamed of after our inaugural FuckFest! If you're keen to jump on board you can follow Anita here and you can get your hands on your own PlasticFreeProduce cards here. 

Sara Rickards