A year ago today we launched this big bad baby “Fuckgiving” into the world.
And a LOT has happened in one year!

We are literally still catching our breath, going over all the fucks we’ve given, and all the fucks we've watched you legendary humans do.

This movement has spawned so much giving goodness in just 365 days:

…and we made the worlds first non-fucking FUCKFEST!

People got inventive, using stuff like art, beards, braids, plants, bottle caps, bags, puffer jackets, words and even tampons to get their Fuckgiving Acts in action.

Soz about going M.I.A

There was certainly lack of updates last year, but little did we know WTF was about to go down once we gave birth to this co-created baby - Literally all the things happened every day! 
So we wanted to take the time to fill you in on what's been going down in a little more detail.

Firstly why “Fuckgiving?” 

With over 7 billion people on the planet we believe there is an abundance of human potential just waiting to be tapped into so; Our purpose was and is to unlock human potential - hence the key logo:


Unlocking Human Potential



When we designed it, we didn’t know just how cheeky the little fucker would be! It showed us in no uncertain terms, how giving fucks leads to more fucks being given - and how days of high consumption can be flipped into days of giving back to each other and the planet:


Offended? Laughing out loud? Not sure what to think?
Well, we believe life can be playful, that we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously and that we can design the lives we really want, using our skills and authenticity for rad shit!

We love looking at the world like it’s a big science experiment, concocting gnarly-crazy solutions - hacking flow-states, happiness and breaking lots of rules along the way (because, fuck rules!).

Still not too sure what Fuckgiving is?

Well check out how this baby was conceived after Sara’s 30th Birthday due to her existential crisis about stuff and the planet's resources. 
The event was activated in 30 countries and had an estimated impact on 10,000 people!

Cyn gave one of the best fucks ever - collecting beach plastic and crafting an in-your-face ‘Give a Fuck’ art campaign in her local area - which resulted in her being in the global news (hehe).


Then, Sara had a freak out about how to give enough fucks back - so planted a tree for each of the first fuckgivers - planting a $30,000,000 food forest - to test the future of food and because she loves digging holes!

Then shit just continued to escalate - in fact, we may’ve reached peak gnarly when our first public appearance resulted in our bums being featured in the news! It was for a great cause - fighting brain cancer.


We had so many people wanting to collaborate to solve problems for the world that we hosted a FuckFest - which was basically a creative orgy where ideas have sex ( and because its fucking funny to tell people you’re going to a fuckfest and watch their reaction). We looked at how to hack plastic packaging - and all we can say is, WATCH THIS SPACE IN 2018! 

If you want to hear even more about any of the above projects you can check out this podcast.

One of our big collaborations lead us to win the people's choice award for Pitch@Palace Australia. Whereby we pulled together a crew of Fuckgivers who connected a heap of problems together to unlock their potential - in the form of an epic solution for the world - starting off with creating a recycled plastic robotic prosthetic for one of our homies, which was featured on Hack JJJ.


pitch at palace newpaper.jpg

We then ended the year with a bang, again being featured AGAIN on JJJ Hack on a mash up program about the biggest moments of 2017 - with long time Fuckgiver Bob Brown!


So, whats next?

Bigger better brighter in 2018, that's what!

So, that’s some of the stuff that’s made for a massive 2017. Fuckgiving is a year old. Like a baby, we feel it’s just getting its walking legs, and we reckon it’ll be running fast very, very soon - after all, the best part of this is that we don’t just talk - we do! 

Thanks for everything, Fuckgivers. You’re inspiring and creative.

Keep up the Fuckgiving!

Grow baby grow!

Love Cyn and Sara

Cynthia Colli