Featured Fuckgiver: Josh

Meet: Josh

Country: Australia/Sweden

Why do you give a fuck? "Because there's never been a better time to give a fuck."

What do you give a fuck about? "I give a fuck about people doing meaningful work; I give a fuck about transitioning our energy systems into the cleantech paradigm; I give a fuck about people moving freely across borders around the world (why has globalisation only meant that we give a fuck about money and trade moving freely across borders? What the fuck is up with that?!); I give a fuck about following my passions and competitive goals on a bodyboard; and I give a fuck about having a meaningful and beautiful relationship with the woman who I fucking love."

                                                           Photo Credit: @muchascasias

                                                           Photo Credit: @muchascasias

What was your fuckgiving act? "Just one? Fucked if I know right now?!... but everyday I try to give a fuck about things. Mostly the quality of my work, because I am lucky to be working with other people who give a fuck about important things worth giving a fuck about. Like clean technology growth, social enterprise, community recycling initiatives, second chances for people coming out of the jail system, and Aboriginal people in this great (yet deeply fucking horrible at times) country."

Where did this fuckgiving act occur? "In my day-to-day grind for fuck's sake!"

Josh is a Fuckgiving legend and about to go on the world tour for bodyboarding, while he works remotely on all of his epic projects - We are looking forward to seeing him rip it up in the ocean and give all the fucks, as he travels the globe this year! 

Watch this space Fellow Fuckgivers:  Instagram @js_burguete_kirkman

Sara Rickards