WTF is a Fuckfest?
A digital nomad design accelerator of the future. On the 22-23 April our team of legends will be falling in love with a problem you have, and co-creating a solution for you and the world! Our team of strategists, engineers, scientists, designers and creatives will literally be having a creative orgy to give birth to ideas for you!

Check them out:

Matt Kendall

Strategist, digital humanist, future-chasing boundary rider. With 20+ years experience in the creative world and all things strategy & impact. This Legend will be facilitating our FuckFest with his futuristic problem loving methodology!

Cyn Co

An Industrial Designer who'd rather design ideas and systems instead of 'stuff', is also a writer of travel tales and work-life balance tips. Co-Founder of Fuckgiving and Founder of CYNCO Your Creative Concierge, there is literally nothing this super-woman can’t do or create with her epic skills.

Caitlin Scullin

Our Magical Media Mermaid and all round PR guru. This ocean queen has a knack for connecting people to important stories in innovative ways. Caitlin is also an award-winning actress, filmmaker, part-time skateboarder and full-time living legend. Oh, and the best part, she is a “professional” spirit animal gifter.

Benny Wallington

Inspired by the Fuckgiving movement, Benny became a full-time Fuckgiver by quitting his job in London. He now runs two bad-ass companies Good Seats where he is turning empty sports seats into volunteering hours and 101 Tokens promoting a conscious drinking lifestyle.

Nick Braddy

Communications guru, having worked at and on some of the world's most epic companies - this man stallion is a powerhouse when it comes to creative and impactful comms strategies. He is also leading the way, for the type of “dudes” we want to see in the world with The ManKind Project.

Ainslie Williams

The “why” woman. With a background in consumer psychology Ainslie has spent 16 years asking people, consumers, patients, members why they think, believe and feel what they do to. She is about to rock the qualitative research world with her start-up Qualie.

Maree Cochrane

People refer to her as a unicorn on the reg. It’s because she is a rare human, so awesome, she must be a magical dream. Maree is all about human potential, innovation, connection and collaborating around epic ideas and humans to create awesome shit.

Manu Lopez Manan

Argentinian biophiliac who is usually out in the surf or exploring the great outdoors is an Environmental Scientist and Videographer ( who also studied Veterinary Medicine because she gives many fucks about animals too).  

Sara Rickards

Sara AKA the Sustainability Ninja and Fuckgiver, is both a Biomedical Scientist & Environmental Engineer. This cheeky potty mouth has disrupted the higher education system, construction industry and now she has her eyes set on the economy & the future of work.

Wild Card - Gerardo Montoya

Gerardo is an award winning robotics and prosthetics engineer. He is also the king of turning waste into useful items for people in need. In his spare time you can catch him playing in a mariachi band and building 3D printers.

The Fuckgiving Headquarters where this creative orgy will be taking place:

A massive thank you to our legendary sponsors

GoodShift A co-working space for changing the world

Sparkke Drinks for inspired ideas

Social Change Central Connectors of game changers

 Harvest Hub For our brain powering needs

We look forward to sharing with the world what we come up with!

Stay tuned fellow Fuckgivers!




Sara Rickards