Fuckfest: Plastic Free July

WTF is a Fuckfest?

Before we go into that, bare with me, and let me take you back to the start of it all..

Fuckgiving was originally born after an existential crisis I had about turning 30, and birthdays in general. I couldn’t un-see the fact that our birthday celebrations have such a significant impact on the planet due to our increased consumption on that day.

So to flip this on its head, I hosted a “Fuckgiving” Birthday, whereby all of my mates gave fucks about stuff they give a shit about.

Give A Fuck: The epic posters the Co-Founder of Fuckgiving Cyn Coco made out of the 284 bits of trash she collected from the beach in 10 minutes!

Give A Fuck: The epic posters the Co-Founder of Fuckgiving Cyn Coco made out of the 284 bits of trash she collected from the beach in 10 minutes!

In just 24 hours, 30 different countries were giving fucks, and we collectively had an impact on over 10,000 people. But that wasn't the end. After all this went down, the most remarkable thing happened. People kind of got addicted to giving fucks?

Businesses were born, people got in the news, families started cleaning up beaches on the weekends. Basically, it’s fair to say, we accidentally started a thing.

I’m a big believer in emergence and designing with nature - so after freaking out at first, I just sat back and watched these seeds grow, until, all of a sudden, we became our own rad ecosystem - you can find us here.  

And, now we even have our own little food forest growing in real life:

I have really noticed of late, everyone on this planet, having such unique and rad skills to contribute, and sometimes our lives don’t create the space for us to just be “us” to thrive and contribute. Some studies have even shown that school kills creativity, and let’s face it, with only 13% of the workforce engaged at work  - Basically what I’m alluding to, is that the way the majority of our lives are designed could be, well, way more rad!

Exploring lives infused with more quality time, doing the shit that sets out souls on fire and making use of our radically unique skills.

Within months of launching Fuckgiving as a (non) official movement with its very own website - we had hundreds of sign-ups. Legends were turning up, all wanting to donate time to epic causes, to have a positive impact on the planet and all in the name of a collective understanding - that we all give fucks in our own unique way (thanks legends!). 

This was our cheeky MVP to see if the world was ready to come together, collaborate and get some important shit done.

So, as this thing evolved - and we did what anyone would do with a brand called “Fuckgiving”, we had a “Fuckfest”: A creative orgy where ideas have uninhibited sex!

We pulled together an interdisciplinary of team of legends to solve a global problem. But, as I’m sure you know, there are lots of problems in the world, so we asked our community which issue they would like us to take on. And the most powerful part; we were going to do this as a collective.



The Fuckgivers all submitted their ideas in an emergent open poll, and we had a public vote, resulting in us hacking the peer picked problem:

“How to get businesses to use less and better (recyclable) packaging".

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 2.21.17 pm.png

This problem, couldn’t have been more timely, with an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year and a predicted more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 - making it a bloody urgent thing to figure out don't you think?

We didn’t want it to feel like “work”, so we went to the original Fuckgiving “headquarters” - this epic beach shack overlooking the beach. We cooked up a vego feast from local veggies donated by Harvest Hub, caught some cheeky waves and did downward dogs between hacking sessions.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 2.35.51 pm.png

As part of this weekend - we also accidentally launched another thing. Re:Purpose For Good - which was basically stitching together some of the biggest problems to create an epic solution (more details of this coming soon.)

But then, shit kind of escalated before our eyes, and The Duke of York caught wind of the idea, and we ended up winning the people's choice award for Pitch@Palace Australia.

Check us out causing a bloody scene on the stage!

Check us out causing a bloody scene on the stage!

And, you know what? We totally took advantage of our time! Rubbing shoulders with business leaders to infiltrate the need for business to get serious about giving more fucks ;)

The second Fuckgiving birthday was also another not so random event - where I asked all of my mates to show up at my place, for a micro “burning man” party - where all you had to do was turn up with something to contribute to the experience.

We had people show up with delicious homemade cakes, puppies, poems, songs to sing and even a food mandala on the floor (which we obviously ate, of course!):


Gah! The creativity of humans blows me away!

So, this year, on the eve of Plastic Free July, 2 years on from the first Fuckgiving event - we hosted another Fuckfest, which was basically a mash-up and evolution of all of the above.

The event was single use plastic free - so guests had to BYO plate, cup and cultury to eat dinner.

The epic Plastic Free Mermaid curated an incredible waste free feast from The Source,  in addition to a range of crowd sourced back yard veggies and dumpster dived goods, which we collected earlier in the week!


Attendees arrived to a wacky under the sea entrance to take them into the Fuckfest vortex.


We kicked off with an acknowledgement of country and connecting into WTF we were all doing at this random event.

We then had two parallel experiences to partake in:



The Plastic Free Mermaid ran a workshop on how to hand make both deodorant and toothpaste plastic free! 

And, the legendary Louise Hardman from Plastic Collective - Inventor of “The Shrudder” a machine which recycles plastics -  Did an “actual” fire-side chat about the circular economy.


We then had the conscious musician Billy Otto play us some magical tunes  - singing from the soul about the ocean, connection and collective dreaming! You can check out his recently launched EP here!

📷 @sammyjkerr  

The event was designed to connect all of the biggest waste Fuckgivers in Sydney, so we could cross pollinate ideas, but more importantly celebrate our joint efforts to date, to help minimise the use of single use plastic, and start to design for the next wave of the circular economy.

It's fair to say, we pretty much nailed the zero waste event - with 4 Pines providing the delicious beers, and our entrepreneurial neighbour collecting all the empties to take to the container deposit scheme ( he is 12, and he is does this every week, to make cash! What a legend!). There is another reason I love drinking frothy, 4 Pines - it's because they are a B-Corp organisation, which is basically a certification for giving heaps of business fucks!

We chose to use “goon” to make hot mulled wine, so we could use to sacks as pillow inserts, to provide some comfort around the party zone (and also because goon might just come up better when doing a Life Cycle Analysis compared to bottled wine).

And.. speaking of beer and goon - things got a little hectic, so our last workshop was moved to a digital format on the following day.

For the corporates and students Benny titles his workshop ‘how to have a beer with your heroes.’ But it’s really about ‘Finding the Frothers’ in your life. AKA those that are operating at high frequencies that you can draw inspiration and energy from.  

Check out the exclusive Fuckgiving workshop vid here:

For the first Fuckgiving celebration Benny, the lord quit his job in London where he was working as a life-sucking project manager, so he could use his rad skills for good - and now he is running party-shirt fueled workshops on how we can become better drinkers (with a beer in hand) and better humans as a result. You can check out his latest campaign at 101tokens (which is also timely being Dry July!).



Having a celebration soon? Think about asking people to BYO their own utensils, and give yourself the challenge of minimising waste. And if you must buy anything, choose companies that give fucks first! 

 You can check out some DIY guides here and here.

Thanks for frothing, giving fucks and happy Plastic Free July legends!


Tune into The Premier of Session 2: War on Waste this Tuesday 24th July! And, together, let’s keep hustling to fuck off single use plastic, excessive consumption and waste.


Sara Rickards