Give a Fuck on Valentines Day

Want to really say "I love you" - you might want to have a think about the impact of those roses before jumping on board with that token gesture. Why? Check out their less than fragrant carbon footprint due to importing (to meet the high demands) and poor working conditions as reported here. 

So.. what to do? Instead of saying fuck you to the planet and people, check out what these Fuckgivers are doing for a little bit of inspiration: 

1. Nick Lawson - Who is running bare foot across Africa in the pursuit of Love. That's right, you read that correctly - what a dream boat! You can follow his adventures here.


2. James Stanton-Cooke is going "Half-Cut" whereby he is cutting half of his beard off - for an entire year - to raise awareness that 50% of the worlds forests having already been destroyed (thats fucked isn't it?). So, instead of a cheeky bouquet of flowers, you could buy your lover a protected acre of forest for just $2. So... will it be $50-$200 for bunch of flowers or a few bucks for a few acres of forest? 


3. Share the love: Want to give a stranger some love? Donate some of you most loved items ( like The Wayside Chapel is doing) or volunteer at a local homeless support centre like Will2Live.

Check out a photo of our adventures last year - we had such a great time spreading the love with our hand made chocolates:


4. Go on a Fuckgiving Date: Here is one we prepared earlier.

5. Break up for Valentines Day: Break up with single-use plastic and say a big fat I LOVE YOU TO THE PLANET!


We can change the way we celebrate and give a fuck about our impact - we just need to think for a moment about what we are doing and why..

Have a beautiful day and big love Fuckgivers


Ps. Did you know being a fuckgiver is scientifically proven to make you more attractive? Just Sayin! 

Sara Rickards