Sara Rickards

Sara Rickards


Sara AKA the Sustainability Ninja and Fuckgiver, is both a Biomedical Scientist & Environmental Engineer.

This cheeky potty mouth has disrupted the higher education system, construction industry and now she has her eyes set on the economy ( she's a full-time bad-ass creating change wherever her part-time mermaid adventures take her ).

In a previous life she was the Education For Sustainability Manager at Macquarie University, Co-host for the Un-school of Disruptive Design and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

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Cyn Colli


Cyn is a total Fuckgiving convert who has always poured heart and creativity into environmental and social fuckgiving acts. Her energy for it has really amped up to 11 after joining Sara's original fuckgiving event in 2016.

An Industrial Designer who'd rather design ideas and systems instead of 'stuff', and a writer of travel tales and work-life balance tips, Cyn uses the power of word and image to motivate others to give a fuck too. 

After a decade and a half as a Project Manager in construction, manufacturing, entertainment and the arts, Cyn opted out of the wasteful churn-and-burn of manufacturing and novelty, to work on making the world a better place - trash-free, pollution-free and cruelty-free. 

Cyn doesn't swear as much as Sara, but is trying her very best.