Fuckgiving is about giving a fuck. Caring. Fixing what’s broke. Y’know, just being a fucking good human being. It’s seeing something that can be less harmful, less crap, and fucking doing something to better it, eliminate it or flip it into good.

1. FUCKGIVING is contagious 

First and foremost, this is no stand-alone act. As we all know, it ain't no fun giving a fuck all on your lonesome. The good thing is, Fuckgiving is totally contagious, so when you start giving a fuck, you won't go long before everyone's giving a fuck with you. It's contagious like chlamydia, but the effects are awesome instead. It's collective action. It's snowballing positivity and purpose. Fuckgiving is you and your network of Fuckgivers sharing the load. Together you make things better, and that makes everyone better, 'til the whole world is fucking fixed. 

How do we know this? Because it happened with the original Fuckgiving Founder Sara, when she started this wave with a simple request - that all her loved ones around the world, did a small act of Fuckgiving. This is the crew that grew from that ONE ask: 



2. FUCKGIVING loves to travel

The original Fuckgiving spawned acts of mind-blowing awesomeness in all these countries below. For one ask, it sure went to more places than we have! Everybody has it in them to give a fuck, and everybody on our one green planet is surrounded with opportunities to make the world a better place. Fuckgiving is a gnarly backpacker with the heart of Gandhi and the reach of Google. Saddle up, coz FUCKGIVING will be in your town soon...because of YOU! 


3. FUCKGIVING is a teacher 

It starts off simple, but in the end, my friend, you will be enlightened. Fuckgiving will teach you and others more about yourself and the world. At the Fuckgiving Headquarters - we like to say "Be the change. Because mirror neurons". Mirror neurons are bad-ass and contagious teachers, which allows everyone to be a powerful agent of change on this planet. In a nutshell, you giving a fuck makes other people automatically more awesome. 

Once you find yourself in the Fuckgiving mindframe, you'll see the world in a new way. More scientific, more systematic, more responsive and more reactive. You see where one thing, say, marine plastic, affects a multitude of other, seemingly unrelated things, like your hormones. You'll soon get a ninja sense of how delicate the complex systems we live in, are. Then you'll see, little grasshopper, just how powerful your fuckgiving acts can be.

4. FUCKGIVING unlocks human potential

Do you ever stop and wonder why we do what we do? Like, why do we give people birthday presents? Why do we spend our lives working so hard, just to buy more stuff, that we don't even need? Why is it considered "cool" to accumulate stuff, which we know trashes the planet?

Fuckgiving is a social experiment, looking to collectively ask these questions, in order to co-create a connected and more conscious global community of Fuckgivers. In short, a community who give a fuck about people, the planet and purpose. Because, fuck dude, our purpose and potential is so much more than shopping malls full of bullshit stalls. Imagine if we all knew our purpose on this planet was so much more epic than that? This is how we can unlock our full potential and inspire an abundance of awesome!

Featured Fuckgivers: